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​this is my fav pic on my wall
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*tries to act cool by not texting back right away but forgets and never texts back*

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who deleted my caption off this? the entire point of me taking this picture was to point out the pretentiousness at my school and without the caption its just a pretentious picture…. whatever if yall want it like this take it i hope it gets featured on every pale and photo blog there is but just know that i took this picture while i was pooping
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Tomorrow, Wednesday 4/23, is Denim Day—an important chance each year to show support for survivors and to raise awareness about sexual assault misconceptions!
Why Denim? Sixteen years ago in Italy, a teenage girl was raped by her driving instructor, who threatened to harm both her and her family. He was tried and convicted and sentenced to jail, but he appealed and the supreme court overturned the original ruling—stating that because the victim wore very tight jeans she must have had to help remove them, thereby giving consent to have sex. Since then the young woman’s jeans have become a symbol of the many misconceptions still surrounding sexual violence, such as what someone wears can be an excuse.
Wear your favorite jeans or chambray shirt, and show your support!
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a stick and poke mermaid
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I finally found a way to get a proper beard trim and sharp vintage hair cut in my hometown, Vienna. It was ABOUT TIME!
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Someone left their dogs outside the cafe

pug date
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